• Good storytelling is at the heart of connection and synchronization between people. Hence, it’s both inspiring and reassuring to know that when we hear stories, we are experiencing the very same thing.
    We are not alone.


    At the verge of being the best! In our opinion, a ‘target’ is a steep staircase standing in front of us when we just said ‘’We made it”. The “best” is not what we want to achieve, its rather something we always want to attain. We believed this from the first day we said “Action”. We have made all our efforts to become the best, to produce the best, and to offer the best service. What have we done so far? We are proud to have played a part in success stories of many brands that have trusted us. We have worked with tens of directors and hundreds of teams. We have produced both very popular and award wining works. We have welcomed hundreds of celebrities to our film sets. We have hosted celebrities that are known not only in Turkey but also in the world.

    We have also introduced many names to Turkey. We have always believed that the best way to use our knowledge and experience is by sharing. We are proud to raise young brains and hearts in to this field. We have confronted our responsibilities every time we heard the expression “Kala is a school”. Every colleague who has tried to keep the flag flying has made us proud with their success. We have covered kilometers of road enough to revolve around the world for many times in years. Cities and countries have become our sets. Mountains, hills, slopes received our cameras with open arms. We performed 7000 days of shoots in 5000 projects. We certainly believe that the final step towards being the “best” will never come, no success will be enough for us, and we will never lose our excitement of the first day.